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Media: 22nd Street Coffee Featured on Aloha Melani

May 26, 2020

Media: 22nd Street Coffee Featured on Aloha Melani

We were honored to be included on the local blog Aloha Melani in Tampa. The local blogger highlights the history behind coffee in Tampa and 22nd Street Coffee's connection to the mix.

The purpose of the blog run by Melony Rivera is "to inspire you to embrace what is different and what is familiar and find the beauty in both. To see what the world has to offer in terms of Travel, Food, and a multitude of culture".

She writes: "Make no mistake, Tampa has a growing coffee scene that’s a force to be reckoned with today. However, the history of coffee in Tampa runs deep. If you are a self-proclaimed coffee lover you need to head over to 22nd Street Coffee in historic Ybor city to get your Tampa Cuban Coffee Education today."

"When you go into 22nd Street Coffee and order a café con leche or the famous Coño iced coffee you aren’t just sipping a simple cup of coffee. You are sipping a freshly roasted, legendary cup of history."

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