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Our Coffee

April 26, 2019

Our Coffee

Our coffee offerings focus on high quality varietals located in key coffee growing regions world-wide. 

Central and South American coffees offer a well-rounded and flavorful cup widely enjoyed by coffee lovers.  The rich volcanic soil, combined with high altitudes and ideal climate, provide ideal growing conditions for coffee.  The many coffee producing countries located in this region offer something for everyone.  The continent of Africa, where coffee was first discovered, is home to many farms producing crops rich with sharp, interesting flavor notes.  Coffees grown in Asia, Indonesia and Vietnam are delightful, bright and unique.  We choose only the freshest beans from these regions, and only while in the height of their season, to be a part of our rotating product line.  After all, this is what discerning customers expect and deserve.

22nd Street is a coffee destination experience.  Travel with us for unique flavors to savor and enjoy.